Book Review: The Blessing of a B Minus - by Wendy Mogel, Ph. D.

This book has changed my outlook on parenting for the better. This came as a recommendation from a friend that is a Clinical Psychologist. I owe them a drink.

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For anyone that has kids going through transitions, this book has excellent feedback for how to handle them in the best ways possible. For us, this came at a time where we have a Sophomore in High School and a 6th grader in Middle School. Both are times with significant changes, both physical and emotional. Reading this book felt like it was written about us in many of the sections. Just knowing that others go through the same challenges as we have, along with ideas with how to approach those challenges, was very comforting.

While we are not Jewish, I found the teachings referenced in the book to be of great value. There is just something about Jewish teachings that seem to distill subjects down to their basics that really resonates with me. One in particular was: "The only way out, is through" came at a particularly challenging time while I was reading it. That simple guide of getting through a challenge to get out the other side, I found comforting.

The only way out, is through

Another Jewish perspective on human nature is what the ancient rabbis believed was an aggressive impulse that is inside each of us. It is called "yetzer hara" and helps define a source of animating energy for all of us. When applied to our youth, this really brought the stories to life in ways I had never considered.

This book is a must-read-multiple-times for me. The first read was quick and brought me a great deal of centering to deal with issues that come up with our kids today. Additional future reads will help reinforce the concepts in the book and remind me what it was like to process them the first time.

While this book does not specifically address some of the social and technological challenges we have with Generation Z (like the book Generation Z Unfiltered by Tim Elmore), this book does focus on the basics of how we interact with our children as they advance through the stages of youth and the new challenges and expectations that come along with those stage changes.

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I had originally borrowed a copy from the local library, but after reading it, this is one to keep on the shelf and pull out every few months to re-read. It is only 179 pages long and the writing style makes it a very speedy read for most people.

This book nearly instantly helped me re-frame my ideas of what realistic expectations are of our children, reducing my own stress level. This has certainly made me a better parent. simply by challenging me to re-think what is most important to raise a child in today's world.

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