Can a company like Rivian have values?

Can an auto manufacturer company have values? Can they present ideas and missions that align with their consumers? I think they can; I hope they do.

Can a company like Rivian have values?

I admit, I am a fan of the adventure-auto-maker Rivian. Rivian is almost ready to produce their first production R1T trucks and R1S SUVs as a BEV-only manufacturer. I wrote earlier, regarding some of the reasons that I like the company at

There is plenty to like, such as the flashlight built into the drivers side door that uses a 2170 battery cell like the rest of the vehicle. The quad-motors are maybe a bit of an overkill for an SUV like the R1S, but will take the truck to new levels of off-road capability.

Just check out the MotorTrend article where they took the R1T out on the Trans-American-Trail for 40+ days, driving from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific.

Beyond the technical prowess of the Rivian vehicles, I feel like the company itself, has a set of values that agree with my own. Maybe it is related to the fact that their manufacturing plant comes from my stomping grounds of Illinois, where a friend's mother worked when it was Mitsubishi. But more than that, I feel like what Rivian is trying to accomplish aligns with my own personal values.

I'm an Eagle Scout and with that comes a lifelong love of the outdoors and nature. So when I read about Rivian and the backstory of the company from the founder RJ Scaringe, it resonated with me.

Rivian also says they want to not only make an electric vehicle that will last a long time, but the batteries can be used beyond the life of the vehicle to provide power to others through Casa Pueblo and a self-sustaining solar grid.

As a consumer, I am drawn to a company that is not just trying to make a buck by selling a vehicle that can turn a profit from service centers. I want my first EV to be one that lasts me many years, while also helping the environment and others.

Just today, maybe just days before the first Rivian customers start receiving their vehicles, Rivian announced a partnership with The Nature Conservancy, to battle climate change and biodiversity loss.


I have to say, hats off to Rivian for establishing a new type of auto manufacturing company. One that not only re-thinks the uses for adventure vehicles, but also in the context of the rest of the environment and world. May your success be monumental!