Product Review: Cortech Super 2.0 18L Magnetic Tank Bag

The Cortech Super 2.0 18L Magnetic Tank Bag is a fantastic accessory for any motorcyclist who wants to have the necessities in an easy to use bag.

Product Review: Cortech Super 2.0 18L Magnetic Tank Bag

I love this tank bag. I love the size of it and that it is expandable to carry more. I love the material. I love the zippers. I love the quality of materials.

There you go. In a nutshell, quick summary, the bag is great. The Cortech Super 2.0 18L Magnetic Tank Bag. (link:

Now for the details.


First on the materials. They are really high quality. The exterior is thick and holds its shape on its own without collapsing and having to hold it up to get into the corners for smaller items that might have shifted. The material seems like it will last forever and should be very easy to clean. It will be important to keep the bottom side that touches the tank from sitting in the dirt when removed. I am trying to keep that in mind as I start to use it. I'd hate to pick up a few small rocks or dirt and have it rub on the tank paint. The great thing is, the bottom panel is really quite slick with a tight weave in it. That should prevent it from picking up too much dirt or rocks.

The zippers are superb. They function flawlessly and are very easy to open and close. The little pockets where they are fully closed is a nice touch to keep them from flapping around while riding. It comes with a strap to tether it to your handlebars. This seems like a good idea, just in case you accidentally bump it and knock it off. I think that would be VERY hard to do, by the way. The strap is also great for getting gas. You just lift the bag off and let it hang to the side from the strap. When refueling is complete, just attach the bag back to the tank with the magnets.


I had debated  between the 12L and the 18L. It seems that the 18L is a nice size because it is a bit smaller when the expansion is closed, then you have the expansion zipper to make it a bit larger when needed. The pockets inside and outside are a nice addition for keeping some basics handy with the motorcycle.

Here is a list of items I take with me:

  1. Riding gloves. I store these in the bag while not in use.
  2. Post-it notes and a pen. Just in case I need to exchange info with someone old-fashioned style.
  3. Fuses. I carry a couple of 10, 15 and 20amp fuses to have on-hand.
  4. Spare cash. You never know when you might need $20.
  5. A pair or two of nitrile gloves for any unexpected maintenance that might be dirty.
  6. Optional: A pair of shoes while riding. I might want to have a pair of walking shoes. I'm not sure where I would leave the boots, though.
  7. Optional: a water bottle. I have never used a hydration tube while riding, that might be a challenge. Certainly, a water bladder would take up a lot of room. This does come with a water-proof sleeve for the bladder to help contain water in case of a leak.

I like having all the necessities with me in one grab and go bag. With this tank bag I can make more trips where I leave the bulky rear case at home. This will make packing up for shorter trips much quicker!


I've already commented on how great the material quality is, as well as the zippers. For me, those are keys to usability. If the zippers are hard to use the usability of any bag like this will be diminished. When you are sitting at the ATM and need to get your wallet out of the bag, the last thing you want is a difficult zipper, especially with gloves on. I find that using them while wearing my Dainese 4-stroke EVO gloves is a cinch. (

Usability also includes getting the bag on and off the bike. This is a really nice process, too. The magnetic flaps on the bottom automatically fold in and under the bottom when removed. When you want to place it back on the bike you just open them up (they are held in place with magnets in the flap and bottom) and drop it down on the tank. You can move it around while on the tank to an extent, yet it doesn't feel at all like it would ever fall off. Maybe if you punched it (the bag, not the throttle) pretty hard. Getting it on and off the tank is a breeze.

Another reason for getting the 18L instead of the 12L was the included visor protector that comes with the 18L. This is a soft fabric sleeve to store an extra visor, that curves with the case along the outside walls. Having this option is great for those of us that have to ride wearing glasses. I can carry a darker shield for the daytime and still have a clear one for night-time riding.

Did I mention the zippers? They really do work well. I can't stand it when a zipper on a bag sticks and is difficult to open. Plus these little pockets to hold the zipper in is fantastic! Check them out in this video:

If you have been looking for a tank bag, I highly recommend this Cortech 18L magenetic model. I don't think you will be disappointed.

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