Rivian has WAY more pre-orders!

Rivian release their S-1 IPO statement and they have way more preorders than I estimated! Almost 4 times more than I guessed at 48,390 preorders!

Rivian has WAY more pre-orders!

Wow. I have to eat my words!  My estimate was that Rivian has, at the upper end, about 13,000 total R1* orders. https://blog.hollyman.com/my-wild-speculations-on-rivian-dates/

Rivian just released their S-1 form for initial IPO today at https://www.sec.gov/Archives/edgar/data/1874178/000119312521289903/d157488ds1.htm#toc157488_18. That includes details on their operations and includes their hard numbers on pre-orders, as of September 30th, 2021, of 48,390!! That is a LOT more than my high-end estimate of 13,000. Now, certainly they received some recent ordersw with all of the press that came out this week, but wow, that is a lot of orders! $48M in pre-order cash is nothing to sneeze at.

This means I might have to wait a lot longer to receive an R1S model from Rivian. With all of the super-positive reviews this week, they seem to have a lot of work ahead of them to deliver on the R1T orders for their truck. The S-1 form mentions a launch date of December, 2021 for the R1S SUV. Who knows what will ultimately happen, but it becomes harder and harder to wait!

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Watching the Jalopnik video, and I started to wonder. Does anyone know *why* Rivian and Tesla have gone to the electric vents? From the video it looks like they would be accessible enough to have the manual adjustments we’re all used to. That’d save money. What’s the point? I blame the designers...

Another very cool (at first glance) update from their S-1 form is that standing preorders for the R1T and R1S, as of September 30, 2021, will be eligable for some percent of shares in their IPO, through a directed share program:

That could be pretty good news for a lot of preorder holders. I got into the Tesla (TSLA) stock a bit late, but still had enough returns on the investement to fund my Rivian R1S purchase. Maybe Rivian can now, in return, help fund a future purchase of either an R1T, future Rivian model, or even a Tesla! Who knows what the future will hold. Certainly, Rivian will be at the mercy of the semiconductor shortages for the near future.

All I can say is, I'm quite excited to see what comes out of Rivian. I feel like I "get" what RJ Scaringe is trying to accomplish with his time on this planet. That resonates strongly with me and I have drank the kool-aid he is serving up. The only question now is: stay with Forest Green or jump to Rivian Blue? That blue just looks soooooo good.